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Monday, 7 July 2014

The Shivah (Kosher Edition) by Wadjet Eye Games

The Shivah is the most recent game I have played by Wadjet Eye, despite them having made it back in 2006 as their very first game! With the re-release of the game, remade with new graphics and full voice and sound packs as the "kosher edition" I reconsidered it.

Shivah screen shot (apartment appears in a Blackwell game)
I will admit that I avoided it originally because of it's content. I am not a religious person (I'm actually an atheist), and I know nothing about Jewish culture, and I didn't know what to expect in a game about just that. However, I must say I'm pleased I decided to give it the time. When I thought about it, I realised other games had helped me understand religions on some level without it being an absolute "religious game" it just had that as a partial theme- Gabriel Knight 'Sins of The Fathers' had masses of stuff about voodoo, but was about murder and conspiracy. Broken Sword taught me about the Templars, and the Gnostics and more, and I've lost count of the games with mentions of Catholicism. Some sort of religion can make a good story in an adventure game, that's for sure. The Shivah is not so much a "Jewish game" as I may have though, but a game about murder and loss, that happens to have a Rabbi at the centre, so his world involves Jewish themes and ideas. You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy it!
Don't mess with tha' rabbi!

It's a very short game, but that doesn't detract too much from it, especially when you know it was Wadjet Eye's first game. I'm very fond of their style, their humour, the graphics and even the music of their games. The only thing is I'm sick of New York now! I know it's where Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye lives with his family, so it's what he feels most comfortable using as his setting, and I can understand that, but I'd love to see something somewhere else.. anywhere else!  

The game, despite it's short length, has multiple endings. You can end it before you even start anything interesting in fact, without ever knowing anything. It makes a short game more rewarding as I replayed it several times to try to get all the endings, and getting it through Steam meant it had Steam Community achievements too (you have to get the game through Steam to do that though)

Rosa's cameo
One of my favourite bits in this game was the cameos of Rosangela Blackwell from the Blackwell games, standing in a bar "talking to herself", and Detective Sam Durkin who is also in the Blackwell games. Of course, Sam could well have been in Shivah first, but I played them the wrong way around! The apartment you visit was also in one of the Blackwell games, but I know from hearing the commentary on the Blackwell games that it did come from the Shivah first. Little things like that make nice connections for fans through games which is particularly nice in Indie games.

New York skyline
The voice acting is, as you would expect from Wadjet Eye, beautiful. Well cast, well recorded, well acted. The music is stunning, same as I expect from them, and the graphics are just beautiful. I mean look at the screen cap of the skyline for a start! I sound like a screaming fan girl, I know, and I suppose I am. Everything Wadjet Eye touch is gold. Of all their games, this would be my least favourite, but it's still a damn good little game and worth a play.

How many other games have you ever played where you get to play a boxing Rabbi??

Click below to buy the game from Wadjet Eye (currently $4.99 via this link or £3.99 on Steam)

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